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January 8, 2012

The Soil Solution will premiere US-Worldwide at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival  to be held January 26th – February 5th 2012. Visit to receive the most current information regarding the film festival’s offerings.

It’s been a wonderful 2 year journey. We’ve interviewed dozens of soil scientists, ranchers, and farmers all dedicated to building soil fertility. We’ve dodged stampeding grass-fed cattle, brewed compost tea, looked at the amazing life in the soil through special high-def microscopes, and mapped out every Whole Foods market from Santa Barbara to the North of San Francisco… and best of all we finally understand how soil sequesters carbon. We can’t wait to share the inspiring stories of the amazing soil stewards that we have met along the way.

Brad Lancaster: Building a Bunyip Water Level

June 12, 2011

Rainwater Harvesting guru Brad Lancaster spent the day with Sustainable World Media at the South Coast Watershed Resource Center.  Brad wanted to show our viewers how to build a bunyip.  A bunyip is a water level.  (We didn’t know either.)  It’s useful for building earthworks, such as berms.  Such earthworks can catch and keep the rainwater that falls on your site, helping  the water to “slow, spread, and sink” into your soil.   This saves you money on water bills and improves water quality.  In the video Brad demonstrates how to easily construct a bunyip out of materials that you have at home or can  get at a hardware store.

Brad Lancaster: How To Make A Bunyip Water Level

Cover Cropping With “Beyond Organic” Farmer Chris Thompson

May 22, 2011

Chris Thompson- Out Standing In His Field

We recently spent an afternoon with long time farmer Chris Thompson in Buellton, California, where he talked story with us about his many years of farming, his past work as an organic certifier, and some of the methods that he uses to enhance soil fertility.  One of the most important things that he does to ensure soil health is cover cropping.  Cover crops act as a living fertilizer;  you plant them, and then let them do the work of pulling nutrients into the ground.  Cover crops are an excellent way to amend the soil,  improve soil structure,  feed aerobic bacteria, and  stop erosion.  Cover cropping is one step that farmers and gardeners can take to create more life in their soil!  Look for Chris in The Soil Solution film- coming out this June!

An Innovative Way to Increase Soil Fertility…. Farm Flippin’

May 1, 2011

Sustainable World Media met up with Ian Davidson at a Soil Food Web Workshop in San Ramon, California.

Look for Ian in our soon to be released film ‘The Soil Solution’. In this short excerpt, Ian talks about his new venture ‘Soil Revival’.

What’s That Bubbly?

April 29, 2011

Oscar Carmona explains how to make Compost Tea

We recently spent the afternoon with Oscar Carmona of Healing Grounds Nursery. Oscar brewed us some bubbly, fresh, lively tea, full of micro-organisms…

This wasn’t traditional English breakfast tea, this was COMPOST TEA.

Look for Oscar in ‘The Soil Solution’ film coming soon! 🙂

On the range with Peter Donovan

January 31, 2011
Peter Donovan talks about the ‘Soil Carbon Challenge’ with GreenBridge Media.  

GreenBridge Media on the Range

January 29, 2011

We’ve just returned from San Juan Bautista, California where we attended an inspiring and informative meeting on Soil and Carbon.

The gathering, hosted by the Soil Carbon Coalition, was attended by ranchers, environmentalists, farmers, scientists, policy makers, students and many others.

The participatory meeting was facilitated by Jeff Goebel, who did an excellent job of creating a “walls down” environment where people felt comfortable to share diverse viewpoints.

We learned about the potential of Rangeland Management as a tool in mitigating soil erosion, stabilizing the atmosphere, and increasing soil fertility, water quality, biodiversity, and food security.

We’ve brought home lots of great information and interviews, and look forward to sharing them with you in The Soil Solution film to be released soon.

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